Idaho Pasture Pig Registry LLC

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    Welcome to the Education Section of the Registry!  
We will continually be adding information to help each of you gain insight into this amazing breed of pigs, so check back frequently!

The A-frame shown above has the dimensions listed on it and A - Frame shelters are a great way to provide not only shelter for Idaho Pasture piglets, but adults as well.  The A-frame also works extremely well for farrowing because as the sow walks into the shelter, her back will naturally hit the slanted roof and she will lay down.  That will naturally provide a space behind her for the piglets and aid in preventing the sow from laying on any piglets.    We have been using this size for many years and it is a perfect size for boars and sows alike.  Our pigs can comfortably fit 4 - 5 adults into the shelter.  We fill it with straw for the  cold winter months and leave it bare with cool dirt for the warmer summer months.  We recommend putting 3/4 inch treated plywood on both of the sides and cutting a triangle section to completely cover the back.  The front is left completely open and we  recommend facing the front opening away from the direct wind.   

The Idaho Pasture Pigs Registry has a YouTube channel with additional educational videos.  Click the link to go directly to the YouTube channel!  Visit the YouTube channel