Idaho Pasture Pig Registry LLC

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The IPPR does not require you to pay a annual fee to become a member of the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry.  Instead there is a one-time owner or farm prefix registration and that will give you a lifetime breeder membership.  In order to register piglets with this registry, you must have your farm registered and have a breeder prefix.

The breeders of the piglets will be responsible to for the actual registration of the piglets.


All sow owners will be able to send in a Litter Notification upon the birth of their litters free of charge and you do not need to have your prefix registered to do so.

Please click on the following links to get a printable form.  Please send in the completed form along with any necessary payments.

Litter Notification:  You must own the sow in order to send in a litter notification.  Litter notifications are free of charge if received prior to February 1st of following year of birth.  If after February 1st then there will be an additional $10.00 charge. Litter notifications must be filled out and received within one year of birth.   Click here for your printable form

Breeder Prefix:  You must have a registered prefix in order to register piglets with the IPPR.  The cost of the Breeder Prefix is a one-time fee of $50.00.  When you sign the breeder prefix, it allows the Registry to list your information on our website. Any farm not following the set breed standard, may be subject to losing their Breeder Prefix and Registration rights.     Click here for your printable form

Registration of a Piglet:  Registration must be done by the breeder of the piglet and the breeder is required to have a breeder prefix in order to register a piglet with the IPPR.  In order to get your piglets registered you will first have to do the litter notification. Pigs must be registered within one year of birth.  There will be a $10.00 charge per piglet registered if registration is mailed to anywhere in the United States.  There will be a $18.00 charge if mailed to anywhere in Canada.  Click here for your printable form

Certificate of Breeding:  When any breeder is using an outside boar or a boar that is not registered in their name or their farm name, they will be required to have a certificate of breeding from the boar owner.    Click here for your printable form

Registration of a Barrow:  On occasion you will have a need to register a barrow (ex. fair pig).  Registration must be done by the breeder of the piglet and the breeder is required to have a breeder prefix.  There will be a $7.00 charge per barrow registered. Click here for your printable form 

Transfer of Pig:  To transfer a registered pig to a new owner the cost will be $7.00.   The paperwork as well as the ORIGINAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE must be returned to the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry to complete the transfer.  The person transferring the pig must have a registered prefix.  Click here for your printable form

Duplicate Registration Papers:    To get a duplicate registration paper of a previously registered pig the cost will be $10.00. 

DNA testing for Parent Verification:  If DNA testing is required to determine parentage, all hair samples must be pulled by the breeder of the pigs.  Hair samples will be pulled from the sow, the boar, and the potential offspring.  Hair samples will be labeled correctly as boar and sow as well as with the Full Registered name and number.  The potential offspring piglet will be labeled as a boar or a gilt.  DNA testing for parent verification must be completed prior to offspring leaving the farm they were born at.  All of the samples will be sent to the Registry at 5711 Karls Lane, Laona,  WI  54541.  The Idaho Pasture Pig Registry will send all hair samples directly to UC Davis for testing.  The verification report will be emailed to the Registrar and the breeder.  The cost to test three pigs is $150.  All additional samples will cost an additional $40.